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RP 250 RB/BOAT=MAX 10 ORANG. VOUCHER WISATA TURTLE ISLAND, WISATA PULAU PENYU. TLP 081337766343. PIN BB 29D9A9D0 (0=NOL)WATERSPORT DI TANJUNG BENOA HARGA MURAH Informasi voucher Banana boat murah untuk mahasiswa Tanjung benoa Bali


Watersport Tanjung Benoa:
Harga Satuan WATERSPORT 2015
Watersport Tanjung Benoa:
Harga Satuan WATERSPORT 2015
Glass bottom boat 1 jam:
• 2-5 orang Rp 285.000/ boat
• 6-7 orang Rp 300.000/boat
• 8-10 orang Rp 325.000/boat
( Harga dihitung per boat )
Banana Boat 15 menit Rp 80.000/org
Parasailing 1 putaran Rp 100.000/org
Rolling Donut 15 menit Rp 100.000/org
jet ski with instructor 15 menit Rp 150.000/org
Flying Fish 2x flying Rp 160.000/org
Snorkeling 1 jam Rp 250.000/org. Min 2 orang. Orang ke 3 dst — Rp 125.000/orang.
Water SKI 15 menit Rp 225.000/org
Wake Board 15 menit Rp 235.000/org
Sea walker 1 trip Rp 350.000/org
Paket-paket watersport ( masing2 permainan 1x )
Paket A:
Parasailing+Banana Boat+ Jetski with Instructor Rp 315.000/org
Paket B:
Glassbottom boat+Turtle Island + Snorkling Rp 350.000/org
Minimal 2 orang. Orang ke 3 dst —– Rp 100.000. )
Paket C:
Parasailing+Banana Boat+ Jetski with Instructor +Diving Nusa Dua Rp 595.000/org
Paket D
Parasailing+Banana Boat+ Donut+Diving Nusa Dua Rp 545.000/org
Paket EParasailing+Banana Boat+ Donut+Seawalker Rp 615.000/org
Diving (harga sudh termasuk peralatannya dan lunch box. Minimal 2 orang)
Diving Spot Nusa Dua 1 x diving Rp 285.000/org
Diving Spot Nusa Dua 2x diving Rp 550.000/org
Scuba Diving dapat 1 tangki oksigen untuk 1 jam. Sudah termasuk peralatannya

Restoran Kintamani. Makan siang di tepi gunung dengan view gunung dan danau. Grand Puncaksari, Kintamani.

Appetizer :
Mixed salad, Vegetables soup, Tomato soup, Bread
Main Courses :
Steamed rice, Fried rice, Fried noodles, Cap cay (Chinese mixed vegetables ), Gado gado (Steam vegetables with peanut sauce ) or fried vegetables., Fu yung hai, Fried onion, vegetables tempura, Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, Fried chicken with sweet and sour soy sauce/chicken curry, Beef stroganoff, Fried potatoes, Spring roll, Chicken satay with peanut sauce, Shrimp crackers
Desserts :
Fried banana/jack fruit, Black rice pudding/black sticky rice, Sticky rice with pumpkins, Fruit salad, Fresh banana, Tropical fruits
Drinks ;
Hot coffee + milk, Hot Tea
Bali Bird Park.
Tiket Bali Bird Park bisa dibeli di sini. Dewasa Harga Rp 90.000 diskon 10.000 jadi Rp 80.000 dan anak-anak Rp 40.000. Bisa keliling sambil menghibur anak-anak.
Reservasi: 081 337766343-08563776704-BB 29D9A9D0(0=nol).
budd2id's Bali Bird Park album on Photobucket
Cara pembelian voucher:
Kirim sejumlah uang senilai jumlah tiket yang dibeli via BCA no 6110054651 atau Mandiri no 1450005505074 an Budi Susanto.


Mentari Restaurant Bedugul @Rp 65.000/orang. Booking di 08563776704
Menu makan
Soto Ayam
Fresh garden salad/sayur
Main Course
Fish satay/sate lilitFried chickenayam gorengbreaded fillet fishIkan tepung Chinese ommeleteFuyung haiNasi putihNasi gorengMie gorengLumpia sau taucoKrupuk UdangFrench bread & butterGado-gado
Caketropical fruitBanana Fritters with vanilla sauce Black porridge
Tea and Coffee

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Scuba Diving in Manado, Indonesia. Visit the beautiful island of Sulawesi and dive at the Bunaken National Marine park with its amazing diversity of sea life.manadodivem
Manado a popular destination for diving and Ecotourists
Scuba Diving in Manado, Indonesia. Visit the beautiful island of Sulawesi and dive at the Bunaken National Marine park with its amazing diversity of sea life.manadodivem
DIVEMASTER Dive Resort Gili Air, Gilis, Indonesia Oceans
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Bali scuba diving one of best thing to do in Bali. For lovers of the underwater world, the island of Bali is their main destination for diving activity.watersportsbalimbaliscubadiving
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Scuba diving in Bali Indonesiawnmscuba_diving_at_bali
Learn to dive with Crystal Divers, Balis most recognized PADI 5* Career Development Centre. GoPRO with PADI Platinum Course Director Minni Vangsgaard.crystaldiversmpadidivecoursesbaliopenwater
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Welcome! Thank you for visiting us as you reflect on a Komodo holiday. Komodo Resort, Indonesia is where you can enjoy a level of service, remoteness and tranquility komodoresortm
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Thalassa Dive Center Manado located in Bunaken National Park
"Relaxed, flexible diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5* PADI Dive Resort Thalassa and her team dives in Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bangka thalassamanadom
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Aman Resorts is a collection of luxury resorts with the most beautiful diving spots in the world close at hand like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and more.amanresortsmdiving.aspx
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Diving Indonesia Biak Irian Jaya
Diving Biak. Biak is built on the rocky soil of an island of the same name on the rim of Cendrawasih Bay, as Irian Jaya's gateway.There are some good beaches on the wwwdonesiadivingmbiakindex
Bali Scuba Diving
Scuba diving in Bali is still something of a secret. Having dived in most of the more “fashionable” dive areas in Indonesia, such as Bunaken, Lembeh, Raja Ampat baliinformationbaliscubadiving
scuba dive indonesia
Scuba Dive or Snorkeling Scuba Dive or Snorkeling What is actually Best for you? Let's consider the fundamental distinctions involving scuba diving and docstocmsearchscubadiveindonesia
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Bali Indonesia Scuba Diving, Dive Bali Tulamben, Bali Travel Information Indonesia by TauchTerminal Bali and Hotel Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spatulambenmdivingdiving

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Lihat YOS Dive Bali di peta Let’s join Bali’s most exciting dive trip! Do you know Bali is one of the best place in the world for learning scuba diving and yosdivebalim
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Daily Diving Trips Bali Diving. Bali Dive Trips Daily Diving Trips If you dont have a dive certification check out our "Discover Scuba Diving or Resort balidivingmdaily_dive_trip
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Contact us now and book online for your scuba diving trip in Bali baliscubambaliscubadivingtripsl
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DIVE TRIPS BALI. Bali Diving Scuba Instructors & Dive Guides are PADI & SSI dual trained, fun, knowledgable and very friendly. They will ensure that you will have balidivingm
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Bali Dive Trip * All packages are Decompression Sickness in Scuba Diving. Decompression sickness (DCS), also called generalized barotrauma or the bends, turturdivem
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Scuba diving in Bali dive trips to all sites, open water and all PADI courses, nitrox, equipment and Divemaster and Instructor internships.baliscubam
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Lihat YOS Dive Bali di peta YOS Dive Bali. the dive details before you book the trip without any obligation. Bali has all the advantages for many kinds of yosdivebalimaboutusl
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Scuba Duba Doo Dive Center Bali, the premier dive company in Bali since 1999, We are a Bali based Padi 5 Star dive center S6276 offering a wide range of dive divecenterbalim
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with Us Dive Bali FAQ's Dive Procedures ABOUT BLUE SEASON BALI BALI SCUBA TRIPS BALI SNORKELING DIVE SAFARI BALI FREE Dive Equipment on Every Bali Diving Trip.balioceanm
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Discover Scuba Diving Open Water Diver Advanced Open Water Diver EFR Rescue Diver Go Pro! Arranging a trip to Bali with friends is an exciting experience!scubalimsnorkeling
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Located in Sanur, Bali, Bali Fun Diving is found by two of the most passionate people in diving, Dive Trips. Tulamben Amed Nusa Penida & Lembongan Candidasa balifundivingm
Scuba Diving Trip > Bali Mola Mola Manta Tulamben
Information of the selected diving trip including dive sites, schedules, trip conditions, Diving Trip Bali Mola Mola Manta Tulamben Print Brochure. Datefreedomdivementripbali_01
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Di ve Round Trip Bali in 14 days Best Dive Sites Complete Bali Round Trip & 18 Dives in 2 week including Top Hotel, Breakfast and Swimming Pool.divingbali.descubaroundtriproundtrip
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Adventure Scuba Diving Bali, Seminyak See 124 reviews, articles, and 135 photos of Adventure Scuba Diving Bali, tripadvisormAttraction_Reviewg469404d4043558
Dive Trips and PADI Courses in Bali Bali Diving with Blue
with Us Dive Bali FAQ's Dive Procedures ABOUT BLUE SEASON BALI BALI SCUBA TRIPS BALI SNORKELING DIVE SAFARI BALI FREE Dive Equipment on Every Bali Diving Trip.balioceanm
Bali Dive Round Trip Bali in 7 days Diving Roundrip Safari
Di ve Round Trip Bali in 14 days Best Dive Sites Complete Bali Round Trip & 15 Dives in 2 week including nice Hotel, Breakfast & Swimming Pool.baliscubadivingmscubaroundtriproundtrip
Bali Dive Trips Dive Bali – Scuba Diving Bali – Bali Dive trips and Safari. With over 17 years of experience in Bali, Crystal Divers offers unparalleled safety crystaldiversmbalidivetrips
Diving BaliBali Aqua – PADI 5 Star Dive Center – Bali
Offers dive courses and scuba diving trips all around Bali.baliaquam
SCUBA DIVING AROUND BALI offers something for everyone, regardless of your particular interest. All the dive sites around Bali can be visited on day trips, divetravelindonesiambaliscubadiving
Scuba Diver Bali Discover the joy and excitement of scuba
Diving in Bali with Scuba Diver Bali Bali, the Paradise island is still attracts millions of tourists as well as daily diving trip and dive safari around Bali.scubadiverbalim
Bali Dive Travel Kuta, Indonesia Scuba Diving Facebook
Scuba Diving. Public Cancel Save Changes. I think i must share about the trip with Bali Dive Travel that i went to diving to bali last month it was a really sfacebookmBaliDiveTravel
Bali Dive Scuba Diving in Bali
Bali Dive Scuba diving in Bali Indonesia with Bali Aqua registered as a PADI Bali Diving member where you Bali Snorkeling Trips, Bali Fishing and Bali Diving scubadivinginbalim
Bali Dive Trip Bali Diving Safari Bali Scuba Diving
Bali Scuba Diving provided by Turtur Dive Bali is Bali Dive Trip and Bali Diving Safari.turturdivemdivingservicebalidivetrip
Bali Scuba Sanur Reviews of Bali Scuba TripAdvisor
Bali Scuba, Sanur See Me and my friend were newbies in diving when we contacted them to try their Discover Scuba Diving Apartment I Gatti Di Roma. Lincoln tripadvisor.nzBali_ScubaSanur_Denpasar_Balil
Bali Dive Tours Home balidivetours
With us you can discover Bali´s underwater w orld, with a dive trip designed Bali´s incredible marine life and dive conditions amaze everyone from beginners balidivetoursm
Dive Bali PADI 5 Star Diving Centre Padang Bai Scuba
Dive Bali with a PADI 5 Star Centre offering introduction dives, trips, Welcome to Geko Dive Bali Padang Bai's premier PADI Scuba Diving Centre.gekodivebalimindexl
Bali Diving, Scuba Diving Course in Bali, Bali Diving Trips
Scuba Diving center in Bali, offering Bali diving trips, Bali diving safaris, dive courses for certificate divers and non certificate. BALI SCUBA DIVING.balitripservicembaliadventuretoursbalidiving
Bali Dive Round Trip Bali in 7 days Diving Roundrip Safari
Di ve Round Trip Bali in 14 days Best Dive Sites Complete Bali Round Trip & 18 Dives in 2 week including Top Hotel, Breakfast and Swimming Pool.balimscubaroundtriproundtrip
Bali Diving, Daily SCUBA Dive Trips, Bali Indonesia with
SCUBA Dive in Bali, Indonesia Daily Dive Trips Indonesia Dive Trips. Bali diving is wonderful but our island is not the only place in Indonesia with phenomenal aquamarinedivingm
Bali Dive Trips. Waow facilities, and Bali dive courses, contact Bali Diving, PADI Instructor Development Course, Dive Courses, Scuba Diving crystaldiversmbalidivetripspedangbai
Diving Bali Dive Bali Bali Diving Scuba Diving Asia
Bali Diving Trips Daily Dive Trips Bali. Air Diving Acdemy Bali Dive Center. Bali Diving offers SSI PADI Discover Scuba Diving programs, divingbalimdaily_dive_tripsl
Bali Dive Sites Sanur Blue Season Bali
HOME ABOUT BLUE SEASON BALI BALI SCUBA TRIPS Dive Sanur Dive Amed Dive East Coast of Bali not have the time or energy to travel to the North of Bali for diving.balioceanmenbali_dive_sites_sanur
Bali Scuba Diving Dive Safaris Professional Instructors Guide
Dive Safaris & Daily Dive Trips PT. Paradise Diving Indonesia Bali Info Bali Scuba Diving Infos Scuba Di ving Safaris in Bali Diving Safaris in Bali divingbali.descubascubal
Bali Scuba Diving Dive Safaris Professional Instructors Guide
Dive Safaris & Daily Dive Trips PT. Paradise Diving Indonesia Bali Info Bali Scuba Diving Scuba Diving in Bali Diveschool & Watersports Bali Di ving baliscubadivingmscubascuba
Scuba Diving Bali (tanjungbenoam) YouTube
tanjungbenoam, wisata permainan air Scuba Diving di Tanjung Benoa Bali. Pemesanan telp. 0361 2786524, BBM PIN 27788CFE, email youtubemwatch?v=hxC8daPPAgk
Scuba Diving in Indonesia
Scuba Diving Trips HOT DIVE SITES Bali. The Book your dive trip to Indonesia padimscubascubadivingtripsscubadiving
DIVE TRAVEL INDONESIA is aiming to bring you an up to SCUBA DIVING IN INDONESIA is Now I am the proud owner of Dive Travel Indonesia, based in Bali.divetravelindonesiam
Bali Connection Scuba Diving Gear, Dive Travel & Scuba
(see the July 2007 issue of Scuba Diving magazine for the phase of our trip. Plus, we are in Bali of course scuba diving. Bali is a unique scubadivingmtravelindonesiabaliconnection
Dive Trips, Fun Diving Bali Dayly Diving Trips and Fun
Day Dive Trips and Fun Diving Around Bali, Indonesia. BIDP Organises Dayly Scuba Diving Trips and Fun Dives All Around Bali. Dive Bali's Best Dive Sites.scubadivebalimdivetripsbali
Bali Dive Packages Dive Around Bali
Bali Dive Packages offers special Bali Diving day trip, scuba dive packages for multiple day and courses on Bali. Diving in Bali is an experience of a life time, balidivepackagesm
Special scuba diving trip to Bali Scuba Diver Pattaya
Special scuba diving trip to Bali with Scuba Diver Pattayascubadiverpattayamexcursiontobali
Diving Bali Dive Bali Bali Diving Scuba Diving Asia
Diving Bali Dive Bali Bali Diving Scuba Diving Bali with Asia Dive Travel offers Bali Diving Safaris, Bali Sunfish Safaris. Diving Bali Dive Bali divingbalimaboutl
Adventure Scuba Diving Seminyak Bali
Adventure Scuba Diving Bali Scuba Diving, Accommodation, PADI courses, Snorkeling, day trips, dive safaris, Bali tours and general information and help for your stay adventurescubadivingm
Bali Diving Bali Scuba Diving
Bali Diving TOP The blue lagoon is actually a perfect spot to start your diving trip in Bali. discover scuba diving, swimming and sunbathing. Nusa Penida baliintaranmactivitydivingl
Dive Indonesia
Scuba Diving Trips Scuba Diving Resort Vacations Dive Indonesia Although you can dive Bali year round, the best conditions are from April to December, spadimscubascubadivingtripsscuba
Nyoba scuba diving di Bali YouTube
Scuba diving for the first time!!! Yup, I'm with my wifeand I teased her when we were down there ) Too bad the water is not clear enough because of youtubemwatch?v=hqJAaSAoe3g
Bali Travel & Scuba Diving Indonesia Tagged
Bali Travel & Scuba Diving Indonesia Bali Diving Bali Scuba Diving I would like to put together a dive trip to Pensacola to Di taggedmdive_travel
Japanese tourist missing in Crystal Bay (Bali)
at Absolute Scuba, D Scuba Club & Bali Bubbles dive centre, back in the went on a trip to Crystal Bay WN Jepang yang Hilang Saat Diving di Bali Ditemukan scubaboardmtouristmissingcrystalbaybalil
Explore Indonesia Indonesia's Finest Scuba Diving
Experience Indonesia's Finest Scuba Diving The adventure experts of Island Dreams Travel have decades of experience arranging dive travel to Bali and Ubud divetripmindonesia
Dive Dive Dive Bali Bali Scuba Diving in Safety Quality Of
We do scuba diving and bali dive safari trips all inclusive to the Tulamben Liberty Wreck, Nusa Penida Island that voted the best place for diving or divedivedivebalim
scuba diving day trip from seminyak Seminyak Forum
scuba diving day trip from seminyak . 06 April 2010, 2147. Bali Diving Academy and Aquamarine also get good reviews. One destination mentioned in this post 1.tripadvisorShowTopicg469404i9711k3533321
Scuba Diving and Dive Center in Bali Travelbuck
Home » + » Diving » Scuba Diving and Dive Center in Bali. When coming to Bali, you can dive with one of the professional Baca semua posting Diana di Dive travelbuckread2646scubadivinganddivecenterin
Dive Travel, Indonesia Scuba Diving
A comprehensive guide to dive travel in wouldn't you think it petty to complain about the 24 hours it normally takes to fly to Bali, Find scuba diving travel scubadivingmtravelindonesia1
Scuba Diving in Bali Bali Surfing Trip
We often use these dive sites for our courses and Discover Scuba Programmes. You can find a variety of marne life here, from turtles to clownfish. Bali Boat Tripsbalisurfingtripmscubadivinginbali
Scuba Diving Vacations in Bali, Indonesia. Good value hotel
Bali Scuba Vacations offer good value diving and hotel packages to all parts of Bali. Our scuba diving packages are inclusive of Bali Travel Dive Bali Weather Divebaliscubavacationsm
Bali Diving, Daily SCUBA Dive Trips, Bali Indonesia with
SCUBA Dive in Bali, Indonesia Daily Dive Trips MultiDay Safaris Bali Diving Maps Bali Diving Trips & Safaris (Dive Packages) Aquamarine Diving aquamarinedivingm?submit=Continue++back+to
Bali Diving Safari Dive Indonesia Scuba Travel
Welcome to Scuba Travel. Let us help you make your dream holiday come true. Scuba Travel offer Award Winning specialist Scuba Diving Holidays. Our friendly and scubatravelmholidaystoursindonesiabalibalil
Dive Today Best Diving Bali Dives Center Bali Dive Shop
Professional Scuba Diving . Welcome to Dive Today in Bali. Your best Dive Courses, Dive Resort, Dive Center and all about Diving Bali. First of all, may we take the divetodayscubam
Dive Bali PADI 5 Star Diving Centre Padang Bai Scuba
Dive Bali with a PADI 5 Star Centre offering introduction dives, trips, fun diving packages and scuba courses in Padang Bai, Indonesia. Follow The Geko. Home.gekodivebalimindexl
Diving Day Trips Atlantis Bali Scuba Diving Center
an Internship Bali diving is an Internship Bali diving is also created to those desiring to become a qualified Bali Scuba Bali Scuba Diving Day Trips.atlantisbalidivingmbalidiving.php?page=diving
Bali Indonesia Diving Destinations Scuba Travel
Bali Indonesia Diving Destinations. You Are Here home en destinations asia indonesia bali © Scuba Travel, Stationsvägen 4, 438 53 Hindås, Sweden.scubatravel.seendestinationsasiaindonesiabali
Diving in Bali Diving Bali Academy
Discover Scuba Diving Accommodation Specials Contact Us. Diving in Bali. Diving in Sanur. Diving in Bali Dive East Bali's WORLD CLASS DIVE sites! Day trips scubalimdivinginbali
Diving in Bali blogspotm
Bali Diving is an adventure which will capture your imagination. The sea is full of types, color and sizes of fish which are too numerous to enadivem
Bali Dive Tours Bali Tours
Bali Dive Tours offers diving in bali with best sites for scuba diving, dive Bali Daily Dive Trips Bali Daily Dive Trips will start from your hotel to the diving baliskytourmbalidivetours
Scuba Diving in Bali, Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island
Scuba Diving in Bali, Indonesia is amongst the best in the world and this is still relatively unknown news. Bali Travel Guide Bali Villas diving.baliparadisem
Dive Bali Scuba Diving Center Singapore Deep Blue Scuba
About Bali. Bali is Indonesia’s top scuba diving destinations and with good reason. Imagine the multifarious dive sites, crystal clear water, a diverse array of deepbluescuba.sgscubatripsdivebali
Scuba diving in Bali World Of Travel
Scuba diving in Bali. Scuba diving exists nearly ten years in Bali, Philippines and Maldives. Road trip with cats Flexible Dive Company offers a tailor. worldoftravelmactiverestscubadivinginbali
Bali Diving Scuba Diving Bali Dive Bali PADI SSI
Diving Bali with Bali Bubbles Dive Center. PADI dive course until instructor level. Try Scuba Diving Discover a new world Open Water Diver balibubblesm
Bali scuba diving vacation Bali Travel Guide
a liveaboard scuba diving in Bali may not necessarily be more expensive you will hop onboard for a dive boat trip to Menjangan Island. Dive Sites thebalitravelbaliscubadivingvacation
Scuba Diving in Bali with PADI 5 star dive center BALI BREIZH offers you to organize your scuba dive trip to Bali, the Island of the Gods. A scuba dive scubadivingbalibreizhdiversm
Scuba Diving Bali Dive Trips & Safaris Beyond Scuba
Scuba Diving in Bali Bali’s dive areas Dive Trips & Safaris. Day Trips Mini Dive Safaris All Around Dive Safaris S.C.Rebreather trips Dive equipment rentalbeyondscubamdivinginbalidivetripssafaris
Bali Scuba Diving Trips Canggu Beach
Most of Bali scuba diving trips has several packages which differentiate by the number of dives and its location.canggubeachmbaliscubadivingtripsl
Bali's Scuba Resorts Indonesia Wakatobi Dive Resort
Absolute Scuba Dive Resorts This german managed very private Bali Villa Alamanda and their 10 Bungalow accommodations in Nusa Dua or a trip to the paddy scubaresortsindonesiamscuba_dive_resorts_index
Bali Celebes Dive Go Diving in Bali & Manado
Go Diving in Bali & Manado. Bali or small group diving trips around Bali & Manado. Our instructors and divemasters are certified to teach scuba diving through the balicelebesdivem
Scuba Diving in Bali BaliScubaDivingm
Scuba Diving in Bali with MelaliScubaDiving the Professional Padi Dive Center
Informasi voucher Banana boat murah untuk mahasiswa Tanjung benoa Bali

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